Unleash the Power of the Wind
Mike's Windmill Shop is helping one family at a time become more energy independent with quality hand made wind generators.
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Get a 30% tax credit for purchasing a wind generator.

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Tilts horizontal to protect from extreme winds

Mike and his family have been making wind generators for over 20 years.  We are a small “Mom and Pop” business with a goal to help other families become energy independent.  Learn more about Mike and his Windmill Shop.

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Wind Generator Workshop


Come join us for our next Wind Generator workshop where we will teach you how we make Wind Generators.  Our 3 day workshop includes over 25 hours of instruction and hands on experience for only $300.00 per person.

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Low Wind Mallard LW


The Low Wind Mallard LW is a great starter generator for those who have never used wind generators before.  It will generate electricity in as little as 5 MPH winds and can tolerate wind speeds up to 60 MPH.

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