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Diversion Regulators and Accessories


When you are using wind power you need to always have a load on the wind generator to prevent overspeeding. You will use a diversion regulator to keep the batteries from overcharging while keeping a load drawing on the wind generator. This allows the wind generator to continue producing power while you use the excess power instead of just shutting it down.

Check local codes and insurance requirements before purchasing items for your off grid power system. Most off grid items are not UL listed. If you need items that are UL listed to satisfy local requirements please contact us so that we can help you to locate the proper items.

single regulator

50 amp diversion regulator



Use the power that your wind generator or solar panel is producing and at the same time protect the batteries........(more)

adjustable voltage diversion regulator

Adjustable voltage 50 amp diversion regulator


(more information)

multi regulator

200 amp diversion regulator



Perfect for use with a combination of wind and solar or several wind generators......(more)

12 volt water heating coil

Heat water while dumping excess power from the batteries.........(more)

adapter for water coil

2" Coarse Threaded Adapter

Temporarily unavailable

Perfect fit for the 12 volt water heating coils, use in barrels and drums.........(more)


Light board diversion load instructions


See instructions on this page to build your own........(more)



















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