Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Hear what some of our customers have to say about our wind generators.

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Dear Joy and Mike:

My husband and I are sold on our Mallards. We purchased two in 2007 and in December, 2008 received a shipment from you for two more. They are an excellent addition to a solar power.

We felt given the positive experience we have had that we should share our story regarding our “off the grid” living.

Our original purchase was two of the Mallard 800E wind generator with the carbon fiber blades. During the year these two have been up and running they have survived a night of straight line winds and tornados in Feb. and the remnants of Hurricane Ike this fall. Each time they survived like champs and we were the only ones in the area where we live with power.

In Feb. we were expecting thunderstorms. There was no mention of high winds (over 40 MPH) or tornados. We were quite surprised when straight line winds and tornados were seen. In fact, one of our neighbors lost their barn in the storms. The Mallards both quacked like ducks through the storms and produced enough power to see us through several days.

Then in the fall with Ike we were expecting winds around 25 to 30 MPH so we left the wind generators up and running. Ike surprised everyone and came in with much higher winds. The constant wind speed reached 50 to 60 MPH. We kept our fingers crossed and kept an ear out for our Mallards. The faster the wind blew the louder the Mallards got. Then to our surprise, our wind meter beeped – erroring out at 99.9 MPH. We looked out the windows and Mallards were still up and quacking. On several more occassions during the wind storm the wind meter errored out but the Mallards stayed up and running. As the winds had gotten so strong so fast we were unable to get them down. By the time we were reaching the height of the storm (about four hours into it) we had so much power that we had to turn on everything in the house. By the end of the storm the diversion load couldn’t even keep up. Our Mallard 800E wind generators came through the storm without any damage.

Needless to say, after that storm we were sold. Not only had we survived the storm but our Mallards had and we had power to spare. We ended up loaning out most of our back-up equipment (small gas generators and the like) to neighbors and friends as they were without power for about a week.

The Cooks, Kentucky

I love the mount and alternator and I tested it with my hand on a multimeter The amps and volts look nice from just my hand. Awesome construction. Thanks Wilson

“Ed” sent us pictures of his Mallard 800E wind generators that he has had near his cabin on Lake Huron for three years. His land is solid rock. He came up with a solution that has worked for him.

Product works well. Communication and support is great. Stephenson

From some of our Ebay customers….

Good plans, pretty simple to build

these people were the very best I have ever dealt with on ebay, thank you

I get all of my straight answers from you. Rick

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know I’ve left feedback for you on eBay and would appreciate the same when you get a chance. I was able to get my Mallard up and wired within a day of it being delivered but did not have any wind for nearly a week ( very rare around here! ) Once the wind started blowing I was able to run some tests to make sure everything worked. The winds were only 15-25 mph but I was still able to load test the system and get about 250 Watts out of the wind gen….Fantastic! I’ve included a picture of the mallard set up on my site. It will be part of a complete system that will include solar panels as well to supply power to my hen house and small implement shed ( shown in the pic. ). Anyway thanks again. Sincerely, Joe