Layaway Plan

Layaway Plan

No interest
No credit check
Just a small deposit

We understand that it can be difficult to come up with the funds all at once to purchase your wind generator and supplies. We offer a layaway payment plan to help you pay for your purchase over a longer period of time. When your purchase, along with shipping cost, is paid in full we will then ship your items. There is zero interest and by putting your wind generator, diversion regulator, or other parts on layaway you are able to lock in the current prices. Because shipping costs change often you may need to pay the higher shipping rate at the time that we send your purchase if UPS or the postal service have increased their costs between the time that we set up your layaway plan and the time that you purchase is paid in full.

If you would like to place a purchase on layaway, contact us to set up the payment terms. There is no credit check and no interest. Simply pay a small deposit and then weekly or monthly payments. If your purchase is smaller, such as a water heating coil or diversion regulator we can work out a smaller deposit. You can set your payments up to be more than that so that you can pay off your purchase more quickly and receive your purchase sooner. You can also pay off in full at any time. When your purchase is paid in full we will ship it to you.

We are not able to set up layaway payments on solar panels but most of our other items can be paid for over time through our layaway plan.

Contact us to set up your layaway plan