How To Use Wind Power

How To Use Wind Power

How do I use the power that is produced by the wind generator in my house?

Here is a basic overview of how to run the power from the wind generator to your home. The items that are needed are explained in more detail in our what is needed to use wind power page.

  1. First the power is run down the center of the pole from the wind generator to the storage batteries. Run the wire through the center of the pole instead of on the outside. By running it down the middle of the pole this allows the wind generator to pivit to face the wind without wrapping wire around the pole. The heavy rubber wire such as SJ 10-3, SO 10-3 looks like a heavy duty extension cord. It is made for outdoor use. It acts like a rubber band and will turn back on itself to keep from over twisting.
  2. Next you need to store the power in batteries. We show how to use a buss bar system in diagram 1a below. This particular diagram shows hooking up a 12 volt system to 12 volt deep cycle batteries. We will send out a diagram with the wind generator showing the voltage needed for your system. Keep the run from the wind generator, solar panels and batteries as short as possible to avoid power loss in the lines. It is more efficient to run the line after it has been changed to 110volt AC power.
  3. You will need to use a diversion regulator and dump load. You can hook those in right at the buss bar.
  4. Now you will use an inverter to change the power from the DC power that it is being stored in to the 110volt AC power that you are using in the house. The inverter will come with instructions on how to hook it up.
  5. To run the power from the inverter to the house you can use regular house wire. If you are still on the grid (power company lines) you will need to be sure that the power you are using from the wind and solar power is isolated from the power lines. You can do this by running a separate circuit or by running an extension cord and power strip. If you plan to try to grid please contact us so that we can explain how this will need to be done. We recommend not tying in to the grid but instead supplementing your power through a separate power system. We will be adding instructions on how to do this soon.

Be sure to have the inverter switched off when hooking up the wires. When you are choosing an inverter be sure to buy one that will allow the amount of power that you are using to be drawn. If you have a 1000 watt inverter and are running something that takes 1200 watts it will not run. Sensitive electronics such as computers may need a pure sine wave inverter. These are little more expensive than a modified sine wave inverter so use a pure sine inverter only for the items that need it so that you can use smaller sized pure sine wave inverter and then use a modified sine inverters for the rest of your needs.


If you have questions please e-mail and we will answer as soon as possible.