What is Needed to Make Wind Power

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Wind Generator
You will need a wind generator of course. But what else do you need? Here are a few things that you will need to get started.

This can be a simple pipe. You will need a 1-1/2” schedule 40 or stronger metal pipe. You can get these at a hardware or fencing supply store. You will also need to anchor the tower with steel cable guy wires. Use concrete anchor bolts to anchor the cables. We carry tower plans and tower supplies.

You will need to run a heavy rubber electric cord from the top of the tower down through the middle of the pipe and to your storage batteries. Use SJ 10-3 wire or something similar. It is best to only run 50 feet or less of wire to the batteries, so place your storage shed as close to the wind generator as possible. If you need to run the wire further than that you will want to use a larger wire from the bottom of the tower to the batteries. You should be able to find this wire at the local hardware store.

Storage batteries
Use 2-4 to get started. You will need deep cycle batteries. You can use 6 volt golf cart batteries, 12 volt marine batteries, or the batteries made specifically for wind and solar power such as the Trojan batteries. You need to find batteries that have as high of amp hours as you afford to get. Low amp hour ratings will cause the battery storage to run out too quickly. You can find deep cycle batteries at most places that sell batteries. Sam’s Club has good prices on them. To find the batteries made specifically for wind and solar you will need to find a local dealer or find one on the internet.

You will also need to maintain your batteries. Lead acid storage batteries will build up sulfation on the interior plates. This will then reduce the amount of power that the batteries can store. Once a month or so you will need to overcharge the batteries to burn off that build up. You will need to disconnect the diversion regulator and charge the batteries up to 15 volts. This will create bubbling and fumes from the batteries so be sure that they are well ventilated.

When using wind generators you need a diversion load to prevent possible overcharging of the batteries. We build diversion regulators and have them for sale. The regulator that we build will turn on when the power in the batteries is between 13 and 14 volts. This will then turn on a diversion/dump load that will pull the excess power from the batteries. The regulator will turn off again in the same range of 13-14 volts that it turned on at.  If you have a controller that can also be used as a diversion load regulator you can use the one that you already have.  You will need a diversion load to attach to the diversion regulator. You can use anything that is in the same voltage as your battery pack is wired. For example, if you are using a 12 volt system you can use a bank of 12 volt lights, a 12 volt heater, or a 12 volt water heating coil. You can even use another battery bank as your dump load. We carry diversion regulators and dump loads.

You will need an inverter to change the power from D/C that is it is produced in to the A/C power that your household items run on. If you are running D/C power you will not need an inverter. You can purchase inverters online. We will soon be offering inverters in our store. Make sure that you purchase an inverter sized for your needs. You can only pull as much power as the inverter is rated for.