Heavy Duty High Wind Mallard LW

Heavy Duty High Wind Mallard LW

Heavy Duty High Wind Mallard LW


  • Quiet aluminum blades
  • Great in low and high winds
  • Choose 12, 24, or 48 Volt stators
  • Mechanical tilt mechanism
  • Generate electricity in as little as 5 MPH winds
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Weather Protective Coating

A weather protective coating will be applied to the PMA of the wind generator.

Extended Warranty

Extend the warranty beyond the 1 year warranty included.

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Product Description

Charge your power system in low winds while still protecting your wind generator against storms. In lower winds the wind generator will face the winds. During high wind gusts the unit will tilt up horizontally to reduce the pressure on the blades and reduce the speed. This will reduce the chance of any damage from extreme wind conditions.

Made with heavy duty bearings and a super strong frame!

The Heavy Duty Mallard LW will begin producing power and charging batteries at 5 MPH.

  • The Mallard LW will start charging with 4 watts at around 5 MPH.
  • The power quickly picks up as the wind speeds increase.
  • This system produces over 900 watts at 35 MPH winds.
  • At 35 MPH its amps to batteries is 9.5 amps
  • At 45 MPH its amps to batteries is 11 amps

Additional Information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 91.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm

Product Specs

Below are detailed charts that show exactly what power is produced and how much of this power is stored in the batteries. Our wind generators are designed to continue producing power even in high winds instead of shutting down like so many other units do. This makes the Mallard wind generators a perfect compliment to solar power because they will continue to produce power under cloudy, stormy conditions when the solar production slows down.


  • The Mallard LW is built with sturdy construction that allows it to stand up to high winds.
  • The 3 aluminum blade system is designed to work in lower wind speeds.
  • The blades have a span of 5 feet with the base of each blade at 9″.
  • The Mallard LW contains a powerful magnet to produce great power.
  • The blades will start turning in 10MPH winds and will continue to turn in winds as low as 5 MPH.
  • Mechanical tilt out mechanism that will tip the unit up at an angle to reduce force on the generator during heavy winds.

The PMAs are made from remanufactured GM alternators. They each have:

  • A very strong neodymium magnet
  • Specially wound stator
  • New bearings.

The PMA is specially made to work with low RPMs which makes it ideal for wind power.

How many volts will my system need?
If you are using a 12 volt battery system we recommend using the Mallard LW with 24 volt stator in lower wind areas or the 12 volt stator if you have winds of 15 MPH or more most of the time.

Use the Mallard LW with 24 volt stator to charge your 24 volt battery bank.  It will take around 12 MPH winds to reach charging voltage.

Mechanical Tilt:
The mechanical tilt is adjustable. If you want it to tilt out in low winds, remove some of the weight. If you want it to tilt out in higher winds, add more weight. It is very easy to adjust. This wind generator is perfect for areas that get frequent seasonal high winds or tropical storms. As with any wind generator, if hurricane force winds are predicted you do want to take the entire unit out of the air to prevent the winds from blowing down the entire unit, including the tower.

Power Production:
Our charts show you the actual production data. We also include a power curve graph  showing wattage produced which is what you will see in the information other companies publish about their brands. We include the wattage graph so that you can use it when comparing to other brands of wind generators. To get the most accurate information, use the amperage and voltage charts.

If you live in a higher wind area that usually has winds over 10MPH you can request that we use a special lower voltage/higher amperage stator in your Mallard LW wind generator. Here is a very basic chart with the production information that this wind generator.

12 volt stator, Mallard LW

Wind speed Amperage produced Volts produced Produced wattage Watts to batteries
10MPH .3 amp 14 volts 4.2 watts 4.2 watts
15MPH 2.3 amp 27 volt 62.1 32.2
20MPH 5 amp 36 volt 180 70
25MPH 7.3 amp 48 volt 350.4 102.2
30MPH 10 amp 54 volt 540 140
35MPH 13.3 amp 60 volt 798 186.2
40MPH 16 amp 70 volt 1120 224
45MPH 18 amp 75 volt 1350 252