Heavy Duty Mallard SP 73


Heavy Duty Mallard SP 73


  • Use in winds up to 55 MPH
  • Choose 12, 24, or 48 Volt stators
  • Reduced blade rotation friction

Upgrade Option:
Mechanical Tilt Mechanism allows use in extreme winds

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Weather Protective Coating

A weather protective coating will be applied to the PMA of the wind generator.

Extended Warranty

Extend the warranty beyond the 1 year warranty included.

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Product Description

Our Heavy Duty Mallard SP73 is built very similar to our Economy Mallard SP73 but with the addition of very strong heavy duty bearings and thicker metal used in the frame.

Our Mallard SP wind generators produce maximum power for charging your off grid power system. The Mallard SP is built with axial flux technology for maximum charging power.

The Mallard SP 73 has a 7 foot 3″ blade span.

The SP is built without any metal behind the coils which means that it starts up much easier because the magnets are not fighting against steel. This allows the SP to start producing power in breezy condition before smaller low wind generators will even start spinning.


  • Generator head
  • Blades
  • Mounting frame
  • Mounting hardware

Mechanical Tilt Option:
For areas that get winds higher than 55MPH we do have an optional high wind attachment available. With this attachment, the SP will tilt up out of the most forceful part of the winds. It will continue to produce power while staying safe from the force of the storm.

Our wind generators are built with strong magnets and a strong frame built to last.  They are tested every step of production and built to order.  We ensure that everything is working properly and to full capacity before shipping them.

If you need to run the power for longer distances from the wind generator to the storage batteries use the 24 volt wind generator with a 12 volt battery system. By doing this you will have less voltage drop.


Additional Information

Weight 63.5 kg
Dimensions 132 x 51 x 51 cm

Product Specs

Mallard SP73 wind generator power production

12 volt to 12 volt battery pack
Battery Power Stored
Battery Volts
10 3 20 60 42 14
15 5 27 135 70 14
20 10 32 320 140 14
25 14 39 546 196 14
30 19 47 893 266 14
35 26 54 1404 364 14
40 32 63 2016 448 14
45 38 75 2850 532 14