Sturdy Aluminum Blade Set


Sturdy Aluminum Blade Set


Build your own wind generator or replace the blades on your existing wind generator with our low or high wind blade sets.

We can custom size the hole that is in the center of the hub to fit the shaft on your wind generator.

With your purchase you receive three aluminum blades, three extenders, the hub, and nuts and bolts.

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Product Description

Over the many years of building and using wind generators Mike has designed these blades to work efficiently and quietly for a pleasant and productive wind power experience. Mike has tried all of the different types of blades and these are his personal favorite.

Both of our 5 foot diameter blade sets are made to fit directly to a 5/8″ or 17mm shaft such as the GM alternator cores used in our Mallard LW wind generators. If you are using the 5 foot diameter blade set on a permanent magnet motor you can weld a small shaft collar to the hub to adapt it to fit the motor that you are using or call so that we can custom fit the center hole on the hub piece.

Low wind 5 foot diameter blades will need high wind protection such as our high wind tilt out frame. In winds exceeding the range of 50-60 MPH, to prevent stress on the blades and possible blade failure.

Our High Wind 5 foot diameter blades should be taken out of the wind in hurricane force winds.

Our 6 foot and larger diameter blade sets are made to fit the 4 stud 4″ bolt circle trailer hubs that are used in building axial flux and other style wind generators. We build these blade sets in 6 foot, 7’3″, 8′, and 10′ diameters.

All of these blades will perform very well in low wind speeds. As the winds increase the production of you wind generator will also increase.

For safety precautions you should have high wind protection for your wind generator. Do not allow your wind generator to free spin in high winds. There should always be a load connected to the wind generator such as keeping it always connected to the batteries. You can use a diversion regulator to dump the excess power from the batteries when they are fully charged.

The wind speeds at which you should have protection are:

  • 5′ diameter – 50-60 MPH
  • 6′ diameter – 60 MPH
  • 7’3″ diameter – 60 MPH
  • 8′ diameter – 55 MPH
  • 10′ diameter – 45 MPH

We build an optional high wind attachment for our wind generators that will tilt the wind generator up at an angle, reducing the force of the wind on the blades while still allowing power production to the battery system. You can also install a hook to the back of the tail on the wind generator so that you can reach up with a pole to pull the unit out and tie it up and out of the danger of extreme, high speed winds.


  • Three aluminum blades
  • Three extenders
  • The hub
  • Nuts and bolts.

Please e-mail with any questions. To see how these blades can perform, view our wind generator products.

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